20 of the easy riddles Ever. Can you solve them? Makelifefun

20 Best riddles for kid's and adult's with Answer 

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Riddle #1

 I didn't see any seeds, I didn't see any seeds being sold in all seasons.  - 

Answer - Banana

Riddle #2

 A plate full of pearls is held upside down on everyone's head.  - 

Answer - The stars

Riddle #3

 One wire at a time.  That straight friend of the straight - the 

answer - comb

Riddle #4

 The hen wags its white tail.  The 

answer is radish

Riddle #5

 Don't call without speaking. Go up the stairs to the sky. - 

Answer - Kite

Riddle #6

 The red cow eats wood, drinks water and dies.  - 

Answer - Fire

Riddle #7

 Green box yellow house sitting in it Ruldu Ram.  - 

Answer - papaya and seeds

Riddle #8

 Sleep during the day, cry at night, lose as much as you cry.  - 

Answer - Candles

Riddle #9

 One thing I saw like this, I can't find and borrow.  Whoever has this thing does it. Sardari - 

Answer - Vidya

 Riddle #10

 Roop is their beloved inhabitants, they are shining white in the distance, the darkness is gone - 

Answer - the stars

Riddle #11

 A glass of thorny fence to extinguish the thorny fence, if not extinguished, then go outside - 

Answer - Eyes

Riddle #12

 The little girl had a line in her belly - the

 answer - a grain of wheat

Riddle #13

 From low to high, from house to house, from house to house, from house to house

Answer - The roof

Riddle #14

 The little lambs are carried to the mountains, the king asked the queen.  What are these animals?  - Train coaches

Answer - Train car

Riddle #15

 Neither his hands nor his feet still walk from place to place?

 Answer - Money!

Riddle #16

 No wings, but flies, neither bones nor flesh.

 Answer - airplane!

Riddle #17

 Puzzle - When a child does not go to school or does not read a book.

 Answer - Calculator!

Riddle #18

 What is the fruit that we cannot eat?

 Answer - Horoscope!

Riddle #19

Jagannath sitting in the woods under the wood?

The answer - the tongue!

 Riddle #20

First I was born, then my brother was drawn to Bapu, then our mother?

 Answer - Milk, yogurt, butter and lassi!

 Riddle #21

 Ala Kodia Wala, My Bhutto Dances?

 Answer - Mouth teeth and tongue!

Riddle #22

 Black but not crow, tall but not snake?

 Answer - The boss

Riddle #23

 Puzzle - 80 dhiyan 20 jawai 5 deor ek bharjayi

 Answer - 80 shares, 20 paise, 5 pound, one panseri


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